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Dublin's Modern Architecture

My video doesn't have any shots of Dublin, the capital of Ireland, so I've rooted out a few pics from Flickr. All pics are kindly shared by some very talented photographers under the Creative Commons Licence.

So, let's go!
Damian Synnott

Samuel Beckett Bridge is Dublin's newest bridge and spans Dublin's largest river - The Liffey.

The bridge is capable of opening through an angle of 90 degrees allowing ships to pass through

The building to the right is the new Convention Centre Dublin, completed in 2010. It is the first carbon neutral convention centre in the world... though I'm certain there's a place down the road claiming the same.

Get ready for the world's tallest monument, situated in the heart of Dublin City...

The Spire of Dublin is a large, pin-like monument 122 metres in height, located in O'Connell Street in the heart of Dublin City.

It replaced the former 'Nelson's Pillar', which was bombed by the IRA in 1966 due to its symbolism of the British Empire.

During the day, the Spire maintains its steel look, but at dusk the monument appears to merge into the sky. It is a popular meeting place for Dubliners.



Next up: Dublin Bay's skyline


The Poolbeg Generating Station, aka, The Pigeon House, is one of the tallest structures in Ireland and is visible from most of Dublin city.

The candy-striped towers are hugely iconic for Dubliners and have been featured in several movies, advertisements and music videos.

The power plant was decomissioned in 2010 but there remains a debate on whether the towers should be demolished or preserved.




They may look like a pair of old dirty chimneys, but they are the only bit of skyline that defines Dublin Bay and we are so used to them!

That's all for the moment. I'll make another post on Dublin's classic architechture at some stage. Until then, slán agus beannacht!